A great Sport Pony Stallion for sale

€ 1.700,00 VHB
Anzeigen-ID: 11111688
EignungDeckhengste ; Freizeitpferde ; Pony ; Rennpferde
Stockmaß (in cm)138 cm
Alter (in Jahren)10
Weitere Merkmalek.A.
Pejkó is a gorgeous, intelligent stallion pony and he has got extra moving because of his little arabian blood, so he is not pure-bred. Pejkó is a 10 years old sport pony stallion racehorse. He is a very colorful personality, he attended at speed races so he has got a professional training and also he is really fast. He knows the hungarian wrangler program so he can sit, lie, and stand on his two feet and so on. He is'nt fear from anything so he is a really good terrain horse. He is really good standing, he has got a strong immune-system and he lives in grazing. He is really talented at jumping also so he can be able to use for skill competitions too. He has got a beautiful appearance, because of his moving and his special colouring. He is a really special and loveable horse so we want to sell him to a good place and check before he moves there. So we like to know that what place our horse will be. The pony can find in Hungary.
A-1102 Hungary
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